Exchange chain letter. Recipes, send 1, 2 names, 6 copies. US, 1973.

Mrs. Wm. T***** Jr                   Marcia J. H****
RR1 Box 3**                                31** N Nat'l Rd
Alexandria, In 46001                    Columbus, In

   This is a recipe club. No money
involved - just good food. In the next
4 days, please copy this letter & send

it to six friends. Send a recipe
to the name above on the left.

Write your name on the right, mine
n the left. Next week you

should receive 30 recipes. It's
fun. Please don't spoil the fun
for those who have joined.

Handwritten letter. Lines preserved. Collected by William Hansen, Bloomington, IN in April 1975.


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