Exchange chain letter (postcard). Exchange postcards. Send one, two names, six copies. U.S. 1974.

This is a post card exchange.  Send a postcard
to the first name on this list.  Then
send a copy of this letter to 6 friends
who might like to exchange cards. Omit
the first name and add your name and
address to the bottom.
  1.  Mrs. Mae S******
      5** Bryan Street
      Illinois 61600
  2.  Joe R***** 
age 11
      Box **
      Deer Park
      Washington 99006

[Hand written note to right of and below above typing.]

We thot people would
like an expo card
with its post-mark.
Then we received
a card exchange.
Included both.
We will trade
one for one with
you if you like. Let us know on a
picture card from your area.

Picture postcard (Main Entrance, Expo '74, World's Fair, Spokane, USA). Canceled at the Expo, Oct. 19, 1974. Addressed to Miss Sharon D******, Box ***, New Harmony, Indiana 47631. Typed exchange message, keystrokes preserved above. Hand written message to right and below typing. Sic "thot." Lines preserved above. Provided by Lu Helney. Ebay lot 5021289078, closing 8/09/05. Entered by DWV, 8/17/05.


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