Exchange chain letter (postcard).  Exchange postcards. Send one, four names, six copies. Japan, 1972.

Dear John,
  This is a chain letter. Please send a picture post card to the
first person on the list.  Then copy this letter over 6 times & send
it to 6 reliable people.  Pleases don't break the chain! It was started
in Jan. 1969. In 20 days you are suppose to receive 200 post cards.
Leave off the name of the first person and add your name &
address to the bottom.  These letters have been approved by the U.S.
Post offices as an educational game.  All letter must be sent out in
3 days or the chain is broken.

1. Kaatje ******               2. Barbara *****             3. Joni *******
    Box 301. Kansas            **** Mc Crocker         *** 21st Street
    Ill. 61933                            Abilene, Texas 79602    Niceville, Fla
 ---------------------------------------------                                            32578
4. Keiko M********
    3-***, Hounouchi                              Love,
    Omiya-City, 330                                   Keiko M********

Postcard postmarked in Omiiya, Japan on 17 Aug., 1972.  Addressed to John A. S. in Strong, Maine. Return address. Handwritten text in landscape format fills back. Lines preserved.  Ebay lot 135446532 closing 5/27/02.  Not purchased by DWV - transcribed from auction photos. Entered 5/22/02 by DWV.


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