Exchange chain letter (fold-up let.). Send 25 stamps to top name, 5 copies. Nigeria & US, 1961.

We are all stamp collectors, and in good faith this chain has been
started to enlarge yours and our collections.

Please send, within one week, a copy of this letter to five (5) or
more collectors, leaving the top name OFF the list, and adding your
name in 5th place.

Then, send 5   25 ALL DIFFERENT, UNDAMAGED, stamp (the kind you would
like to receive for your collection-not the common type of stamp)
to the person whose name heads this list below.

Mail with a commemorative stamp if possible.

You should, if the chain is unbroken, receive approximately 3000

If you are not interested, please pass this letter on to another
collectors who will follow through with the chain.

Thanks very much from all of us.

1. Miss Marguerite T. McCaffrey
     215 west 98th street             (Wishes to exchange)
         New York 25, N.Y.  U.S.A.

2. Mrs. O.A. Singer
      8500 Boulevard East
        North Bergen, New Jersey, U.S.A.

3. Mrs. W. HOWard Bailey
     R.D. I, Oak hill
        Scarboro, Maine U.S.A.

4. Miss E. Irene Burkhard
     303 Lexington Avenue-Hotle Shelburne
        New York 16, N.Y.  U.S.A.

5. M. Afzal. M. Ismail
     P.O.Box 336,
        Nairobi, Br. E. Africa.

Fold-up airmail envelope with typing on inside.  Mailed from Nairobi (Kenya, Tanganyika & Unganda stamps) to "Mrs. Hilda Jordan, 21 Grosvenor Rd., Kenmore 17, N.Y. U.S.A." Postmarked  Feb. 20, 1961. Envelope stamped "Insufficient pre-paid for air mail - diverted to surface mail." Ebay lot 371259179 purchased by DWV.


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