Exchange chain letter. Recipes. Send one, two names, four copies. US, 1959. 

#163        Mrs. Richard Crosby
                **** - 16th Avenue
                Rockford, Illinois

#165        Mrs. Don R. Swenson
                **** Chelsea
                Rockford, Illinois

Please mail one of your favorite recipes to the top name.  Send 4 copies of this letter to your friends within 3 days.  Omit the top name & add yours below.  Your name will come up next & you will receive 16 recipes.  It's fun to see where they come from.  This is legal as no money is involved.  If you do not wish to join, please return this to me.  Do not break the chain as others depend on you.

                                                 The Recipe club

Hand written letter. Original had short lines. "This was from a friend from my high school in my home town." Provided by Mrs. Phyllis Cloyd, Pennsanker, NJ to VanArsdale. Phyllis also provided another exchange letter postmarked Sept., 1959. This was received at about the same time.


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