Exchange chain letter. Ear rings. Send one pair, two names, six copies. US, 1953.

Please send a copy of this letter
to 6 people with in 3 days, Omit the
first name and send that person a
pair of ear rings.  Add your name to
the bottom of the list and you will
recieve 36 prs of ear rings when
your name reaches the top if you
havn't broken the Chain.
This is legal as no money is in
volved.  Please dont break the Chain
as others are depending on you.
                     Thank You

Grace Huffman Maxwell
   950, E Marylind Ave
          Claremont, Calif

Mrs Pauline Miller,
   Truro, Iowa

Handwritten in green ink on 8 3/8 X 10 15/16 inch unlined paper. Envelope postmarked in Saint Charles, Iowa on June 10, 1953. Addressed to Mrs Charlie Howell, New Viriginia, Iowa. No return address. Sic "with in", "recieve", "prs", "in volved", "dont", "Marylind", "New Viriginia" (address). Lines preserved above. Entered 11/3/2012 by DWV.


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