Exchange Chain Letter. Tea Towel chain. Two names, send one, six copies.  US, 1951.
Dear Friend
           Our club has started a tea towel
chain. This is how it goes.

       No 1 Mrs Nellie "Cherney
                    *** David St
                      Johnstown Pa

     No 2.  Mrs Harriet Lester
                  *** Nelson Center

Send 1 tea towel to the first name. Pin your
name on the tea towel. Send 6 copys of this
letter to friends, Leaving of the first name.
Adding your name as no 2 when your name
comes up You'll get 36 tea towels. It is fun to
see where they come from. It is legal as no
            nomey is envolved.

Printed from photo of an unsold eBay lot. Original handwritten on line paper. Sic "of" (for "off"), ""nomey", "copys", "envolved". Entered by DWV, Feb. 12, 2016.


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