Exchange chain letter. Tea towel. Send one, two names, six copies. US, 1950.

Betty De Haan
**** Barry R#3
Hudsonville, Mich

Esther Mae Lucas
**** Wyoming Ave. SW
Grand Rapids - Mich.

In three days make six copies of
this letter and leave off the top name
and add your name to the bottom
of the list.
Send a tea towel to the name you
leave off. Pin your name on the towel.
When your name reaches the top
of the list, you will receive thirty-six
Please don't break the club chain. It
will be fun to see who the towel comes from.
If you do not want to do this,
send this letter back to the last
name on the list

Thank you
Towel Club

Handwritten letter on 8" x 11" paper, one side. Mailed from Grand Rapids, Mich. on May 4, 1950 to Miss Florence Cargill of Marlette, Mich. No return address on envelope. Envelope also contained a personal letter to "Flossie" from Esther concerning Esther's forthcoming marriage on June 9. Supplied by George M. Kutlenios of Holly, Michigan to DWV. Lines preserved.


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