Exchange change letter (& personal letter). Hankies. Send one to each of three names. Five copies. U.S., 1948.

1. Mrs Lester Dickinson
    1401 Ohio Avenue, Apt. S-1
    Richmond, California

2. Mrs Leland Owen
    52 Earl Street
    Rochester 11, New York

3. Mrs Wendall B****
    Thurman, New York
        "Warren Co"

  Make 5 copies of this letter.  Send to 5 of your friends within 3 days.
  Leave off the top name & add yours to the bottom. Pin your name to each of 3 hankies & send 1 hankie each to the 3 names listed.
  You start recieving hankies right away instead of waiting for your name to reach the top. You should recieve 155 hankies in all. Its fun to see where they all come from.
  If you are not interested return to the bottom name at once, please.

                   "The Hankie Club."

[............................................... Personal letter preceeding chain letter .................................................]


Dear Elizabeth
    Got your card yesterday, Have been thinking of you folks a lot lately. but it seems an impossibility to get going on Sunday to get down there. but we will make it one of these days.
    Laura had her baby yesterday the 16th its a big girl, just what she wanted. Do you folks ever get the "Warrensburg News" I wrote an item in it a couple weeks ago about Effie & Rindy going to visit Wilbur. It sure is a laugh the way she goes there and I hear he goes to visit her too. but what topped it all off was Effie going with her to spend the day there. Oh well I suppose its their business.
    Not much going on around here except the usual grind. I wish I had a car so I could go once in a while it is getting on my nerves stuck in like this sometimes I could scream.
   "Did Jo send you a "Hankie Club" letter? If not let me know as I think that some I sent are breaking it.  I know what I'll send you one in this letter. then if you got one from Jo you can burn this one. if not please continue I think its fun even if you only got 4 or 5 hankies but just look at how many you may get.
   Well I make a copy & enclose it anyway.
   Do write when you can. Regards to You both from us

Handwritten, with personal letter, all on five sheets of 5" x 8" lined paper. Paragraphs only preserved. Chain letter, including addresses, on 31 lines. Envelope postmarked in Thurman, NY on May 17, 1948. Addressed to Mrs Birtle Kenyou, Argyle, New York. Return address: Mrs Wendall B****,Thurman, N.Y., "Warren Co." Ebay lot 8167602889 closing 2/11/05. Entered by DWV, 2/25/05.


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