Exchange chain letter (picture postcard). Send five postcards, quota five (to girls). US, 1946. 

1. Dorothy Hazelwood
    Nathalu, Va.
2. Anna Matzke R. 8447
   Houston Texas
3. Althea Seaman
   Galena Ill.
4. Nancy Haas R. 2 Box 198
   Columbeana Ohio
5. Dorothy Myers RD 2.
   Wapwallopen Pa
Send a post card to each
of these girls. then make
5 copies and send to 5 girls
Leaving the top name
off and add yours to
the bottom. You will
receive many post
cards.  Dorothy Myers

Picture postcard (Nanticoke High School, Nanticoke, Pa.). Hand written in pencil on divided back. Addressed to: Phyllis Merrithew (?) / R.F.D. #1 / Cumberland Center / Ohio / try Maine. Postmarked Oct. 25, 1946 in Wapwallopen, PA. and on Oct. 28, 1946 in Cumberland, Ohio. Apparently forwarded from Cumberland, Ohio Post Office to Cumberland Center, Maine. Ebay lot 2133879667 closing 8/29/02. Entered 9/7/02 by DWV.


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