Exchange chain letter (postcard).  Scenic postcards. Send one each to five names. Five copies. US, 1946.

Make 5 copies of this and send
to card collectors who are
reliable. Leave off the top name
and add yours to the bottom.
Send each name a scenic
1. Edna Surrat
    Rt. 5 Box 235
   Mtn. Airy, N.C.
2. Donna Myers
   Alvordton, Ohio
3. Mildred Wades
  Campbellsburg, Ind.
4. Ida Mae McGuire
   Stuvesant Falls, N.Y. Box 31
5. Verdine Bass - Macomb, Mo.

Linen picture postcard (Harold Bell Wright and Old Matt's Cabin, Branson, Mo.). Text in black ink. Addressed to Joan Bartels, Revere, Mo. No return address. Postmarked Macomb, Mo., Aug. 10, 1946. Lines preserved. Ebay lot 1056176543, offered by Robert & Norine Albers.  Entered by DWV on 1/10/02.


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