Exchange chain letter (postcard). Send one card, five copies. Five names. US, 1945.

   Maire Stack
   Luceine, Md.
           R. #1.

  Hazel Fessendof.
  R#1. Box 47
  Warren, Ill.

Mrs Wm. C. Squib Jr.
    Box 35
Friedens [?], Pa.

Rowe Miller
Nikep, Md.

Mrs. Martha Pennington
P.O. Box 818
El Cajon, California

[Following message written in left margin, vertical to above names.]

Make 5 copies of this and send to
5 friends. Send card to top name
and omit. Add your name to the

Picture postcard (C. T. Art-Colortone # 4550, PB2-Y-2 Navy Plane in Flight, over San Diego).  Postmarked on June 28, 1945 in El Cajon, Calif. Addressed to Jean Danie, 2022 Trenton Ave., Bristol, Pa. Lines preserved. Ebay lot 2243921382 closing 5/17/04. Provided by Larry Kellogg. Entered by DWV, 5/21/04.


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