Exchange chain letter (postcard). Send one hankie and  five copies within three days. US, 1944.


Dorthy Lindstrom
Leonardville, Kansas

Wanda K. Nanninga
518 Sunset Drive
Manhattan, Kansas

Ramola Bletscher
Bala, Kansas

   Within three days send five
copies of this card leaving off
the top name and adding your
own name to the bottom.  Then
send one hankie to each name on
the above list and pin your own
 name on each hankie.

   You will start to receive
hankies at once instead of
waiting for your name to reach
the top.  Please do not break
the chain as it is fun to see
who the hankies come from.  You
should receive 25 hankies, so
please do not break the chain.
Promptly notify the last name if
you are not interested.

Typed on a postcard mailed Mar 19, 1944 from Kansas City, Kansas. Sent to Miss Margaret Rahe, 3632 Campbell St., Kansas City, Kansas. Front stamped "Received for Trial, From K. C. Kans." Keystrokes preserved. Photocopy in archive. Entered by DWV. From the James H. Patterson "Unmailable" collection.


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