Exchange chain letter (postcard). Send 3 postcards and 5 postcard copies. US, 1942.

Delores Krealing
   7072 Campania ark.[?] (Rd)
       Pittsburgh  Pa.

Ella Woogerd
   Mission Rd.
       Kansas City  Ka.

Agnes Sellars
   415 Glenwood Ave.
       Anderson, S. C.

   Make 5 copies of this card to
send to 5 pals who collect cards.
Leave off top name and add yours
to the bottom. Send a card to each
name on this card. You
will receive over 100 cards.

Picture post card ("Negro - 'Heben' - a watermelon feast in Dixie," linen, drawing of four young black males eating watermelon). Postmarked in Anderson, S. C. on Aug. 8, 1942. Addressed to Mr. Jim Arp, 43 Eldred St., Williamsport, Pa. Written in black ink. Lines preserved here. Provided by R. Rozborski. Entered by DWV, 1/27/04.


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