Exchange chain letter (postcard). Aprons. Send one, two names, five copies. From the Sebacher hoard. US, 1941.

      Apron Club

This club is to increase
your apron supply. Make 5
copies & send to 5 friends.
in 5 days.  Omit the top
name & send her an apron.
Add your name to the bottom
& you will receive your aprons.
If not interested send back.
Sign your name with the
apron you send.  This club
is good & strong keep it
going.  You will have fun
when your aprons come in.

Dorothy Wapelhorst
    705 N. Benton

Evelyn Jones
    710 Mc Donough

Government issue postal card mailed from St. Charles, Missouri on February 26, 1941. Recipient address obscured on my photocopy but known to be Dolores Sebacher also of St. Charles.  Text written on back of card (vertical format). Lines preserved.  From the James H. Patterson "Unmailable" collection.

This is one of nine linen exchange postcards (the Sebacher hoard) all received by Dolores Sebacher from April 1940 to April 1941.


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