Exchange chain letter (postcard).  View cards. Send one, five names, five copies. US, 1940.

Dear Lois:-
  Make 5 copies of this card
and send to 5 view card collectors.
Omit top name and send a
view card to that person.  Add
your name to the the bottom of
the list.  Do not break the chain.

      1. Alice Smith
          North Woodbury, Conn.
      2. Barbara Rayman
           1914 - 48 S. W.
           Seattle, Wash.
      3. Billie Woodman, Route 1
          Ocean Springs, Miss.
      4. Bernie Friesz
          Salisbury, Mo.
      5. Elizabeth Friesz
          % O. S. Friesz
          Salisbury, Mo.

P.S. Please write.
Haven't heard from you
for a long time.

Picture postcard (West side of Broadway, Salisbury, Missouri). Postmarked Nov. 3, 1940 in Salisbury. Addressed to Miss Lois Glander, Glencoe, Minn. Text in blue ink on left side of reverse. Lines preserved. Postscript vertical at bottom. Ebay lot 1095790864. Purchased by DWV from Mary Ann Kolb. Entered 5/14/2002.


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