Exchange chain letter (postcard). Send four postcards. Four names, five copies. US, around 1939.

[Two prior names and addresses crossed out at top]
   2 1. Mrs A. J. Morris, Station, Va.
   2. Mrs. Kittie Geil, 304 Vine St.,
            Glenwood, Iowa
   3. Mrs. B. L. Novotny, Clarkson, Nebr.
   4. Mrs. E. H. Morton, Box 103, Blue Rapids, Ks.
            (Capitals + Churches only)
   Leave off the top name and
   add yours for the 4th name.
   Send to five View Card pals.
   Send each address on this
   card a view card.

Written in black ink on back of view card (officer watching parade of troops in two columns - "Watching them parade"). Card never mailed but addressed to Ethel Yungelug (?), Blue Ridge, Ks. Numbers "2" and "3" overwrite "1" and "2". Date roughly estimated by comparison to other postcard exchanges. Purchased by D. VanArsdale, ebay lot 1004700017 closing Sept. 18, 2001.


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