Exchange chain letter (postcard). Send one view card and five copies. Four names. US, 1939?

Make 5 copies of this
and send to 5 friends.
Omit top name & send a
view card to that person.
Add your name to bottom.
Mrs. Emory E Brown,
R#2  Fairfax Virginia
Mrs Georg Netich, Almont, Colo.
Alma Roberts  St Paulo  N.C.
Mrs Clara O. Rowley
     R#2            Laingsburg  Mich
This should bring you lots of cards

Written in black ink on the back of a linen view card (Swimming Pool, Moore's Park, Lansing Mich). Card was not mailed, but is addressed to Mrs. Dora Fergerson, Jamestown, New York. No date on card, but wording is similar to 1939 postcard exchange cards (e.g. xe1939-03_pc_s1n3q5 ). Hence presumed circulated in 1939. Purchased by D. VanArsdale, ebay #1043484737 closing Dec. 10, 2001.


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