Exchange chain letter (postcard). Send one card and four copies. Five names. US, 1939.

         Chain Card

 Mail 4 copies to friends.
  Omit top name,send card.
  Add your name to bottom.
Miss. Elsie Mykleby,
          Starlake, Wisc.
   Miss. Elsie Mahannah,
 Miss Roberta Alexa nder,
           702 Stockell St.
   Mrs. Troy Earney,
  9511 Croesus Ave.,
            Los Angeles, Calif.
  Miss. Esther Schoch,
 P.O. Box 4,   Seelyville,

View Card (City Hospital, Indianapolis, Ind.). Typed in message space on reverse. Keystrokes preserved. Addressed to Miss.Viola Brugier, 1003 North Dorgenois, New Orleans, La. Postmarked in Seelyville, Pa on May 3, 1939. Provided by Susan L. Lord. Transcribed by DWV, 7/23/2007.


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