Exchange chain letter (postcard). Exchange postcards.  Five copies, five names.  US, 1938

This chain was started so to
Help U. see more view card.
So please keep it going.

1) Walter W. Mooris  206. So. I
                   Livingston, Mont.
2) Martha Bumber  1400. Archer St.
                                Argo  ILL.
3) Helen Bumber.  2400 Archer St.
                               Argo, ILL.
4) Zenon Traczyk, Princeton AV.
                    EastHampton, Mass.
5) Alphonse E Pacosa,  10 Boylston
              St.  EastHampton, Mass.
H.G. O'dell. Box 127. Matoaka. W.VA

Take the top name off and
Put yours at the bottom. Send
5 copies like this to friends
that collect view cars.
Please keep this going.
Send card to top name.

Printed in ink on divided back of a view card (Virginian Railway Electric Locomotive). Post marked Aug. 24, 1938 in Matoaka, W. VA. Addressed to: Walter M Mooris, 206 So. I, Livingston, Mont. No return address. Lines preserved. Last line in a different hand. Copied from an auction photograph, eBay, 11/21/2012. Postmark date hard to read. Stamp is Scott #804, released April 25, 1938. Entered by DWV, 12/28/2012.


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