Exchange chain letter. Used stamps. English and German language. Send 10 stamps, 5 copies. Europe, 1936.

                       How to increases your stamp collektion.
This letter was started the hope of adding stamps to your collection. Within
  3 days, make out 5 copies of this letter leaving off the top name and
address. and adding your own at the bottom.
       Mail the 5 copies to five of your stamp collecting friends. when
you omit the name at the top send that person 10 used stamps (Commemoratives
pictorials or air mail preferred) from your duplicates. In turn as your
name will reach the top you will receive 15625 letters containing 156 250
stamps . A large number of These may be  duplicates or common stamps but
a good number may be additions to your collection.
     If you have correspondents in other countries than your own mail a copy
to them. Thus you will benefit by stamps from all countries by the time
your name reaches the top.
          If you will continue these series it  will benefit a great many
collectors , at no cost, excepting postage, as well as benefiting your self.
            If you do not wish to continue, please return to last address
on the list .

        Max Hebbel, Borgmästeregatan 6 Malmoe  Sweden
         Karl Haas, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Hermannstr. 52 Germany
        Adolf Siegle, Stuttgart 13, Teckstr, 12 Germany
         Rudolf Link, Stuttgart- W ,Rötestr.6 German
           Gerh.   Traug. Eppler  Zürich 1, Spitalgasse 4 Switzerland
             Gerh. Spring, Zürich 7 ,Steinwiesstr. 18,Switzerland

Carbon copies of typed letters: one in English, one in German (same 6 names at bottom). Both contained in envelope postmarked in Zurich on November 4, 1936. No return address. Addressed to Monsieur R. W. Wettlaufer, 98 Church St. Kitchener, Ont. Canada. Keystrokes preserved - most error corrected. Ebay lot 5544271996 closing 12/22/04. First (z1) of two closely related stamp exchange letters mailed from Zurich in Nov. 1936. For the German version of this letter see xg1936-11_stamps_s10n6q5.  Provided by Brian Cutler. Entered by DWV, 1/3/2005.


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