Exchange chain letter. Handkerchiefs. Send 1, 4 names, copy quota 4. US, 1935?

                  Handkerchief Club

Evelyn Thive Leetonia,  Ohio Route 1
Gene Everett Lisbon,  Ohio Route 5
Virginia Dillon Lisbon,  Ohio Route 4
Harriett Dillon Lisbon,  Ohio Route 4

   This handkerchief Club was started to
bring you a collection of handkerchiefs.
Make 4 copies within 3 days and
mail or hand to 4 of your friends.

   Omit top name and address and add
your mane and address to the bottom.
of the list. When you omit the top
name send that person a handkerchief
In turn you should receive 256 handker

    "Please do not break the chain"

   If you have the faith your friends
have, this chain will not be broken.

Handwritten (all in same hand) in black ink on 5X8 inch ruled paper. Lines preserved.  Found in a book. Language close to Send-a-Dime hence circulation estimated late 1935. Supplied by Marie Todd, Rochester, NY to D. VanArsdale.


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