Exchange chain letter. Happy Day Quilt Block. Send pieced block, 5 copies, 5 names. Bergrud hoard. US, 1935.   With 3 paper patterns.

Send your pieced block to first name.

Mrs. Amelia Jetson Mabel Minn.
Mrs Hans Ellingson Maddock N. Dak.
Mrs. Lars M. Larson, Maddock N. Dak.
Mrs. Ernest Norell, Maddock,N. Dak.
Mrs. Juluis Tossen, Heimdal, N. Dak.

     Make 5 copies of this letter and 5 paper patterns
and give to 5 of your friends who would like a quilt.
Leave off top name and add yours at the bottom.

   Piece one block by the pattern and cut hexagon off
white print. Write or print your name and address and
outline in any color and send to top name.

   If this chain is not broken you will receive enough
blocks for a quilt.

   So give to whom you think will not break the chain.

   Happy Days For You!!

[Notes on paper patterns]

[1. Hexagon of thin white paper, 6 5/8 diameter side to side.]
Do not sew this to
star block.
  Make this block of plain white.
Outline your name and address
on this on this [sic] block in any color.

[2. Hexagon of same paper, 3 5/8 " side to side diameter.]
Center of block.
Made of plain material
to match prints in star.

[3. Kite shaped piece of same paper, 5 1/8 " from base to star point.
Star point slightly truncated.]
Make 6 of these
of prints to match
plain center and
sew together
to make a
6 pointed

Handwritten on one side of a 5 by 8 inch sheet of lined paper. Mailed from Heimdal, N. Dak. on Sept. 18, 1935 to Miss Elma Burgrud, Heimdal, N. Dak. No return address. Also in envelope: personal note and three tissue paper patterns with instructions on them. Shapes: one large hexagon, one smaller hexagon, one kite shaped block.  Lines preserved. Supplied by Russ Hornbacher to VanArsdale. 

This is one of eight chain letters sent to Miss Elma Burgrud in Heimdal, ND in 1935, the "Bergrud hoard."  These are designated by the letters "br" immediately after the date in the archive file name.


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