World record chain letter. ". . . no stamp is necessary." Quota seven, deadline four days. US, 2007.

Children started this letter in 1996.  If not
broken by spring 2007, it will be put into the
Guinness Book of World Records along with the
names of everyone who sent it. (How cool is
that!?) No one has broken the chain so don't
break it!!!

All you have to do is copy this letter and send it
by mail.  Mailing is free so no stamp is necessary.
All you need to do is write "Guinness Book of
World Records for Kids" in the spot where a
stamp would go. (Really, look at my envelope!)
The reason you have it sent by mail so the post
office knows who broke the chain.

You have four days to send this letter to seven
different people under the age of 16 years. The
day you receive it is counted it is counted as one
day so do this right away.  In a few days, you will
get a letter thanking you for taking part.

It would be really cool to see our names in the
Guinness Book of World Records, do DON'T

Photocopy of Word Processor letter, large font. Postmarked on May 4, 2007 in Quad Cities IL. Addressed to Carrie *****, xxx West 5th St., Coal Valley, IL. "Guinness book of World Records for Kids" is written in upper right of envelope. But this letter (& others) were returned by the Post Office with a hand written note (on a USPS form) reading "You forgot postage on these letters." And there is a stamp placed over the writing in the upper right. Lines preserved above. Sic the repetition of "it is counted." [Envelope now missing from physical archive - 2013]. Provided by Ms Karen Jensen. Entered by DWV, 6/5/2007.


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