World record chain letter. "No stamps are necessary." Quota seven, deadline four days. US, 2007.

Dear:  C***

Children started this chain of letters in 1996.  If it is not broken by
the spring of 2007, it will be entered into the Guinness Book of World
Records, along with the names of everyone who took a part in it.

This chain has not been broken, so please keep it going.

All you have to do it type of copy this letter and send by mail.

Mailing this letter is FREE! No stamps are necessary.  Just write
"Guinness Book of World Records for Children" in the spot where
the stamp would be.  The reason you have to send it by mail is so
the POST OFFICE will know who broke the chain.

You have four days to send this letter to seven people under the age
of sixteen.  The day you get the letter counts as one of your four days.
In a few days you will get a letter thanking you for your part.

It would be really cool to see your name in the Guinness Book of
World Records, so please DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY!!!!!!!

Note:  Mail it in the out-of town mailbox!

Sincerely Yours,
                         Alex A********

Photocopy of word processor original (large font). Lines preserved above. Received in an envelope without a stamp, with "Guinness Book of World Records for children" written where a stamp would go, in three lines. The envelope was not postmarked, so possible it was delivered personally. [Envelope  is now missing from archive - 16/01/2014]. Addressed to Cara K. in Bristol, PA; return address Alex A. in Bensalem, PA. Sic "all you have to do it". Provided by Jennifer Keyser. Entered by DWV, 5/5/2007.


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