World Record chain letter. Write "World Record for Children" instead of stamp. Quota 6. Australia, 2006.
Would you please help ( you may have seen this on television).

Children started this letter in summer of 1999 and if not broken by this summer, it
will be published in the Guinness Book of Records for being the longest chain letter
and all the kids that participated will get their name published in the booklet.

This letter has not been broken, so don't be the first. All you need to do is type or
photocopy this letter and send it to six of your friends. Postage won't cost you a thing
as Australia Post are monitoring the letter's progress and will be able to record where
the chain is broken.

All you need to do is where you would normally put a stamp, you write " WORLD

You have four days to send off these letters from the day you received it, so that the
chain letter is not broken. You will notice the names on the back of the envelope- this
is for the Australia Post records. What you need to do is remove the top name and put
your name in the sixth spot.

In one month you will receive notification that your name is on the list to be published
in the Guinness Book of Records.


Transcription of paper letter. Transcription received via email from Australia. Letter was mailed Jan. 24, 2006 from Canberra, Australia to Kingston, Au. No stamp was used for mailing. Addressed to a six year old boy. No information about the envelope. Provided by Taryn Manson. Entered by DWV, 1/30/06.


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