"World Record" chain letter. Five names on envelope. Thank you letter. Quota six. US, 2000.

Would you please help us? Children started this letter in 1996 and if it isn't broken by summer 2000, it will be published in the Guinness Book of  Records along with all the names of the people involved.

Nobody has broken it yet, so please take part by copying this letter and sending it to six of your friends.  It must be sent by post and no stamp is needed, just an envelope like this one I have sent you.

The post office is keeping track (That is why you have to send it by post). You must send the letter within 4 days or the chain is broken.  Day 1 is the day you receive this letter.

On the back of the envelope you will see names and addresses.  On the envelopes that you are sending to your six friends, you will have to write the names and addresses of the four people from Number 2-5 (That is to leave out No. 1) and now include your name and address as the fifth person.  You will have to write a thank you letter to the first person on your list for taking part.

In about a month's time you will receive letters from all over the world.

Remember this is not a chain letter, it is an attempt to get into the world records.  Please take part, all the children are counting on you!!

Received transcript via email from Deb, whose eight year old daughter received the chain letter in the mail.  Deb posted on alt.folklore.urban for information (11/17/2000). I responded and asked for the original.  She no longer had it, but had typed an exact transcript (above).  No information on the envelope.


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