Religion (prayer) chain letter. Novena. Four copies within four days. US, 1945.

                               Shelbyville, Tenn.
                                       Feb. 11, 1945

Dear Miss Dean:-----------------------
  I am asking your help
with a prayer for peace we
are making a movement for
the war.  That is now to
say Hail Mary or Our Father
once a day for nine days
I am passing this one to you.
Hoping this will not brake
it. This is going around
the world for the fourth
time. The fourth day after
you receive this a favor
will be granted to you.
Make four copies and
mail to your people or friends
before the fourth day is up 

------------  second page ------------- 

This was sent to me by
Mrs Myrtle Mai Barnes of
Eagleville, Tenn.
Be sure to mention the
party senting it to you.
Approved by the Sis. of St.
Frances. And is not a chain
letter but a Novena for
peace. Notice what happens
to you on the fourth day.
Don't let this die in your
home. If you do not care
to continue,
please return to ____________
  Mrs Fanchon Murphy.
   R#.3.-- Box 137
 Shelbyville, Tenn.

Handwritten in pencil on two pages of  8 x 4 7/8 inch lined paper. Contained in 3 3/8 by 5 3/8 envelope, not mailed. Addressed to Miss M. L. Dean, Deery St., Shelbyville, Tennessee. No return address on envelope. Lines preserved. Sic "brake", "senting". Ebay lot 2137831394 closing on 9/08/02. Provided by E. Jeffrey Galloway. Entered by DWV on 9/18/02.


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