Money chain letter. "David Rhode." Send $5 to all five names on list. Suggested copy quota 100. Mailing list offer.  US, 1999.


Please do not throw this letter away until you have carefully considered what I am about to tell you.  This can be the most important communication you will ever receive if you can understand and act upon this incredible opportunity.  My name is David Rhode. In September 1987, my car was repossessed and bill collectors were hounding me like you would not believe. I was laid off and my unemployment had run out. In January 1989, I was able to take my family on a cruise. In February 1989, I bought a new Cadillac with cash. I am now building a new home in Virginia and never have to work again!  In October of 1987, I received this letter in the mail telling me how to earn $50,000 anytime I wanted to. Of course, I was skeptical, but because I was desperate and had nothing to lose, I gave it a try. However, I promised myself I would share any money I received with others. Today, I have all the money I want, and you can too, but only if you act upon this opportunity in good faith. I earned $200,000 the first year and will be a millionaire soon. The program works perfectly every time. I have never earned less than $33,000 each time. JUST BY FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY. This is a legal business opportunity which is covered in Title 15,sec. 1302-1345 of the Postal and Lottery Laws. It does not require you to sell anything or come into contact with people. Best thing is, you only have to mail these letters. If you have always dreamed of getting that lucky break, you just got it! God helps those that help themselves, is more than a quaint saying, it's a proven fact. So, now it is up to you. If you follow these instructions exactly, in good faith, your dreams will come true. Follow the instructions below and in 20 to 60 days, you would receive more cash than you would believe, all in the mail!

1. Immediately mail a five dollar bill to each of the five names below. This is for services rendered, which makes the system legal.

2. REMOVE the FIRST NAME below, move the others up, and place your name in the FIFTH POSITION.

3. Make 100 copies of both these letters SHOWING YOUR NAME IN THE FIFTH POSITION.

4. Get your list of 100 names from *** Mailing List,  P.O. Box *****, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33318.
($13.00 for 100 names or $55.00 for 500 names), or call (954) 742-**** and use your credit card.

5. Your mailing list takes about a week to arrive, so while you are waiting, place one copy of each letter into the 100 envelopes, and put stamps on them. DO NOT PUT YOUR RETURN ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPES!

6. The mailing list will arrive on pre-glued labels. Simply stick the labels on the envelopes you already prepared and then mail them. That is all there is to it.

1. Randy Sue ***, ***** Silver Spur Lane, Palmdale, CA 93550

2. Janis ***, *** 4th Avenue SE Apt A, Pacific, WA 98047

3. J.V. ***, **** Dias Avenue #33, Sacramento, CA 95824

4. Maye S. ***, **** N. Terrace Dr. Apt. #43, Provo, UT 84604

5. W. S. ***, P.O. Box ******, Grand Prairie TX 75054

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About a month ago, I received the enclosed letter. I ignored it. I was convinced it was a hoax and could not possibly work. I was wrong!  About three weeks later I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I did not expect much because I figured other people were as skeptical as I was. Three weeks went by, nothing, the fourth week rolled up , and I could not believe what happened!  I did not receive $50,000 but is was over $30,000. For the first time, I am out of debt. I plan to use it again. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. Enclosed is my $55.00 money order for 500 names. Please use this letter to help convince other folks that this really works!
Sincerely,W. Capers

I have received about 20 letters of this nature over the past several years. However, there was something different about this one. Everyone on the list gets money. Not just the top one. Anyhow, I spent my $13.00, then, sent my letters. Nothing happened for two weeks, then I got $125.00 in one day. Over the next four and a half weeks I received a total of $131,297. I vowed that if I received any money  I would share 5% with my church.
J.W. Holliman

The first time I sent the letters, I got my first response in one week. My total was $141.000. I am going to try again this time with 500 letters. Good luck to all of you, it really works.
Best wishes, S. Frish.


Let us work it out and see. Most people sent 100 letters, and seem to get 9% response. This means that when you send your 100 letters with your name in the fifth position, 9 people respond. They will have sent out 900 letters with your name in the fourth position. Okay, 9% of 900 is 81. Now, 81 people send you $5.00 and send 100 letters with your name in the third slot. Are you getting the idea? So then, 9% of 8100 is 729. 729 people send you $5.00 and now your are in the number two spot. Here comes the payoff, 9% of 72,900 is $32,805 and 6566- 100 letters are mailed with you in the top place. If 9% respond, you will get over $295,245 before your name is removed from the list. Double the figure for additional names you send letters to. It is all legal. WHY WAIT? Join the program, and keep percentages rolling. DO IT NOW? IF YOU ALL FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS IN GOOD FAITH, IT WILL WORK FOR ALL OF YOU!!!



Clean printing - variable width font. Two pages stapled. No return address. Paragraphs and bold preserved. Received on 5/28/99 by DWV in Lompoc, CA.


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