Money chain letter.  "Rhoda Miles" (subst. David Rhodes). Send $1, 5 names. US, 1988.

December  1987


My name is Rhoda Miles.  In November, 1984, my car was repossessed, and bills were piled on top of my desk.  Bill collectors were hounding me.  I was in desperate need of money when my mother broke her hip, and I had to face a pile of hospital bills amounting to over $18,000.  In December, 1984, I received a letter in the mail telling me how to earn over $50,000 anytime I wanted.  Of course I was skeptical, but because I was desperate and had nothing to lose, I used my last few dollars and gave it a try.  TODAY I AM RICH!

In February, 1985, I took my family on a cruise to the Bahamas. In April 1985, I bought a Mercedes with cash.  I am currently building a home in Palm Beach and I will never have to worry about money again!

Until today, I have already earned over $200,000 and will become a millionaire within four to six months.  This money program works perfectly every time.  This is a legitimate business opportunity, a perfectly legal money making program.  It does not require you to sell anything or come in contact with people and, best of all, you only have to leave home to mail these letters.

If you believe you deserve and will get this lucky break, simply follow these instructions and within 20 to 60 days you will receive $50,000 in cash.

1) Immediately mail $1.00 to each of the names listed below.  Send cash only.

2) After you have mailed $1.00 to each of the names listed below, remove the name in the number one position, move the others up, and place your name in the number five position.

3) Xerox or print 100 copies of this letter with your name in the number five position.  (This gives you five chances to obtain the desired amount).

4) Get a list of 100 names from S. E. Ring Mailing Lists, P.O. Box 15061, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., 33318.  Total cost is $13.00.

5) While you are waiting for your mailing list to arrive, place these letters in the envelopes and stamp them.

6) When your list arrives, the 100 names will be printed on pre-glued labels. Place them on the already stamped envelopes and mail.  Within 60 days you will receive $50,000 in cash.  THIS IS LEGAL.

7) Start today! Lady Luck only strikes once.

[................... Vertical on left side, handwritten: This really works!!!! .......................]

1. Gary ***,  *** Jessie, ST.   ST. Paul, IN.   55101

2. D.J. ***,  ** Karankaum,  FT. Hood, TX   76544

3. James E. ***,  P.O. Box ***, Syracuse,  New York  [?]

4. Mary ***,  *** E. Sunhind #1093  Springfield, MD.  65804

5. Mary ***,  *** Lincoln Ave.  Ashland, Ohio   44805

Photocopy of typed original.  Names faded and barely legible, different font than text. Collected by Alan E. Mays, Middletown, Pa. Rec. Feb. 29, 1988. Handwritten note on left side. "Rhoda Miles" substituted for "David Rhodes," with other changes. S. E. Ring mailing lists.


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