Money chain letter.  "To the women . . ." Jill Nelson. Send $1, 4 names, 10 copies. US, 1984.
     To the women in my life who know how to dream and create
their own reality.

     Jill Nelson tells how she has run these prompt letters
four times in the last year; the first time she received
$10,000 and the other times around $7,000 each.  If this letter
continues, it should profit everyone.
     Let me tell you the story and the details; follow them
and in about 10 days you should be about $10,000 richer.
This letter will pay $10,000 because there are only four names
on this list at one time.  Three moves and you are in the
position to receive $1.00 from each participant.  This
promotional letter started by Jill Nelson of Nashville, Tenn
for the purpose of acquiring investment capital.  Now it has
     Just send $1.00 wrapped in a blank sheet of paper to the
first person on the list below, then omit that name from
your list.  Add your name to the fourth position on the list.
Send the letter bearing your name to ten (10) prospects.
     Mail your letters within 48 hours and do not break the
pattern, please.  When your name reaches the first position,
it will be your turn to collect the fees.  They should be
sent to you by 10,000 women like yourself.  Please do not
break the pattern because it can really work.
     Your entire investment is only $1.00.  If the pattern is not
broken, there is no way it can not work.  Be sure to copy this
letter entirely.  OMIT NONE OF IT!
     Please report the results to Imperial Sales Co, 3095 Ivey
Way, Knoxsville, TN  37914.   Let us know when you sent your
fees and how much was received within 9 days.  We await this
time, receiving almost 100% return to the women carrying on this
promotional letter.  The majority receive $7,000.
     The promotional letter you send out should have four (4)
names on it.  Your name should be in the 4th position and
the other names move up one place.  The women you send the
fee to will no longer appear on the letter.
     Send the letter to women you know personally and consider
doers.  Send to those whom you would send prosperity.
(10 X 10 X 10 X 10=10,000)  That's alot of women-energy.
This is not an illegal letter.  If you do not want to participate
please return this letter to the fourth address, your friend.
Do not leave out any part of this letter.  Mail within 48
hours and you will be suprised at the results.

Photocopy (late gen.) of typed original. List of four names missing. Keystrokes preserved.  Supplied by Mike Preston - circulated by a colleague's teenage daughter c. 1984. Compare to me1975-11_nelson_s$1n4q20.


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