Pyramid scheme (modified Springfield). Buy (letter and $3 Money Order) for $6; send MO to top; sell 2(Lt & MO) for $6 each.  US, 1975.

Give the person handing you this letter $6 (six dollars).  He will

give you a $3 (three dollar) money order made out to the person on

the top of the list.  Do not accept this letter if the money order

does not accompany it.  A personal check will not do.  Do not mail

this letter, it is illegal to mail it.  Immediately mail the attached

money order to the person whose name is #1 on the list.  Then scratch

his name off the list.  Make a new list (2 copies), moving each name

up, and adding your name to the bottom of the list (#11).  You then

purchase two money orders for $3 each.  Make each out to the name that

is on the top of the list.  Attach a money order to each new list and

sell each letter for $6.  You now have your total investment back.

When your name reaches the top of the list you will receive $6000.

Sell your letters within 24 hours so that no one will have to wait more

than two weeks for his money.  Feel free to call any of the top two or

three names to see what sort of response they are getting.

Tim **stetler            2** Island Dr.            LaPorte,In. 46350
Del **stetler                   "                          "
Norm *imcox              R.R. *                            "
Dave *esser              R.R. 1 Box 1**            Hamlet,In.
Ivan *esser              1** Kuehne Ct.            LaPorte,In. 46350
Bryan C. **ok            ** Hickory Lawn Ct.       Westville,In. 46391
Jim **mpson              6** Toronado DR.          LaPorte,In. 46350
Mike **rding             7** Gourly Pk.            #181 Bloomington,In.
Al ***cia                3*** Morningside Dr. #10  Bloomington,In.                                                                 47401
Charlie **ir             *17½ E. Kirkwood #1       Bloomington,In.
Doug **se                *17½ E. Kirkwood #6       Bloomington,In.

Typed on watermarked paper (Barton's). Text double spaced. Collected by William Hansen, Bloomington, IN in March 1975. Keystrokes preserved. Maximum payoff would be 3*2^11 = 3*2048 = $6,144. Hence list has not grown since the promise of $6,000. This pyramid is simply an ante $3 Springfield type with the added method of using a money order made out to the list donee to remove any motive to avoid the ante. However the method fails if the seller and buyer conspire to thwart it. 


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