Money chain letter. "Executive Vacation Quickie." US, 1968.

                                                                                                                                                                     May 13,  1968


This is your chance to prepare in advance for a top-notch vacation all expenses
paid.  This is a differnet type of plan, confined to above-average businessmen
and executives, which insures an unbroken chain.

                          1.  Short list of fast payoffs.
                          2.  You earn a minimum of $3.00 for your efforts.
                          3.  At no time are you out more than $6.00.
                          4.  This risk of $6.00 to make $2,000.00 is
                              pretty fair odds.


 1.  To the person who is on the bottom of this list, who mailed this letter
     to you with check attached, send $6.00.

 2.  Detach the check attached to this letter and mail it at once to the person
     who is No. 1 below.

 3.  Have your secretary make three copies of this letter, eliminating the
     top name on the list, thus moving each person up one place and adding
     your name at the bottom of the list (No. 6)

 4.  With each of these lists, attach your check for $3.00 made out to the order
     of the person who has just moved into No. 1 position on your list.
     Mail the list with the check attached to three people who you feel
     certain will carry the chain on to reliable executives.  If they wish to
     participate, each will mail you his check for $6.00.  Should your friends
     not wish to participate, your check is returned to you.  It is that simple,
     but offer only to those people who will carry on this chain.

     When your name appears at the top of the list (approximately ten days)
     you can win a total of $2,190.00.

 1.  C. W. Bonner, President                 4.  Richard J. Loughhead, Administrator
     Bonner Packing Company                      Bel Haven Convalescent Hospital
     P.O. Bxo 2072                               2020 N. Weber Avenue
     Fresno, California  93755                   Fresno, California  93705

 2.  William Mosgrove                        5.  Alvin F. Meekins
     Mosgrove Real Estate                        Meekins Realty
     P.O. Box 5203                               3145 N. Cedar
     Fresno, California  93755                   Fresno, California  93703

 3.  Lee R. Neuhaus, President               6.  C. G. Dutch Chandler
     Continental Title Company                   Dutch Chandler Chrysler-Plymouth
     P.O. Box 1545                               P.O. Box 305
     Fresno, California  93721                   Sanger, California  93657

Typed letter, keystrokes preserved above. Sic "differnet," "Bxo". Two other hand corrections in original, corrected above.  No envelope. Supplied by William F. Hansen. Entered by DWV, 5-10-2011.


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