Pyramid scheme. Five dollar money orders. Springfield type system. q2n10.  US, 1966.
                       DO NOT MAIL THIS LIST
1. You give $10.00 by hand to the person giving you this list of
   names.  He gives you a $5.00 order (any bonded money order,
   cashiers check, fill-a-bill, etc.) to the person whose name is
   on the list you have purchased.

2. Don't use mail to send the list . IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO THIS.

3. Make two identical copies of this letter eliminating the top name
   and adding your name to the bottom.  Thus, number 2 is non number
   1 and your name will be number 10.

4. Be sure the name on the money order is the same as the number 1
   name on this list you have purchased.  Mail the money order at
   once to the person it is made out to.  It is legal to do this.

5. Purchase two $5.00 money orders and make out to the person whose
   name appears as number 1 on the next list you make out.  You attach
   one money order to each list and sell them for $10.00 each.

6. When your name reaches the top of all these lists, you should have
   recieved $10,240.00 in money orders.  This is sure to work, be-
   cause each person will hasten to get his money back, moving your
the top of the list.

7. This list is not valid unless a money order is attached, payable
   to the person who is number 1 on the list.  Responsible legal
   talent has advised that this procedure is not illegal.  Be sure to
   check spelling and addresses carefully.

1. [All names obscured        P.O. Box 307            Deer Trail, Colorado
2.      by seller]          P.O. Box 1526           Deer Trail, Colorado
3.                        P.O. Box 103            Deer Trail, Colorado
4.                        P.O. Box 54             Deer Trail, Colorado
5.                        P.O. Box 307            Deer Trail, Colorado
6                         Rt. 1 Box 2             Matheson, Colorado
7.                        P. O. Box 281           Deer Trail, Colorado
8.                        P. O. Box 281           Deer Trail, Colorado
9.                        P. O. Box 281           Deer Trail, Colorado
10.                       P. O. Box 284           Deer Trail, Colorado

From an image of a typed letter offered for sale on eBay around Nov. 21, 2015.  Also provided was an uncashed postal money order, originally fastened to the letter by a paper clip. The money order was dated May 17, 1966. A statement on the back of it read: "Invalid after 20 years."  The names in the list of ten names above were obscured by the seller in order to protect the privacy of any who may still be alive. Keystrokes preserved. Sic "recieved".
The scheme is illegal. Entered by DWV on 11/22/2015.


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