Money "chain letter" (Springfield type Pyramid scheme).  Described - no text.  10 names, $2 ante, two copies. Avoids mail.  US, 1947.
"Mr. A makes up a list of 10 names (himself and pals presumably) and goes personally to Friend  B and sells him the list for $2. B then sends another $2 by mail to the name at the top of the list, in the presence of Mr. A, and puts his own name at the bottom of the list.

B then makes two copies of the list and sells them at $2 apiece to Miss C and Mrs. D and the chain is under way, each sitting back and waiting for the dividends to come in by mail.

Lists in evidence around Washington carry warnings against mailing any names or instructions, the theory being that this will make it hard for the [Post Office] department to do anything."

Published: The Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York), Aug. 21, 1947, p. 8. NEW CHAIN LETTER CRAZE FOR $2,048 FAILS TO HIT CITY.
"A new 'chain letter' craze - baited with a $2,048 lure - apparently has not filtered its way into Syracuse, local postal officials said yesterday following announcement by the The Associated Press from Washington that a 'wave is sweeping thru the nation.' ¶ ...  Difficulty with the latest version of the quick money scheme is that it is not actually a 'chain letter' but chain money - at $2 a throw - mailed without explanatory inclosure, the postoffice department in Washington revealed. ¶ However, the federal inspectors asserted that 'the transmission of the $2 by mail without the chain letter list constitutes a violation and any person participating in the scheme either directly or indirectly is subject to criminal prosecution for using the mails in furthering a lottery.' ¶ ... If convictions are obtained ... maximum penalties of $1,000 fine and two years imprisonment may be invoked under the lottery statute for a first offense, and five years for a repeat offense."    

Entered by DWV, Aug. 12, 2014.  This pyramid scheme was abundant around 1947, judging from the many newspaper reports on it. Apparently, editors were reluctant to include the exact text of the hand transmitted list of instructions. This reluctance to publish pyramid scheme instructions has continued.


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