Money Chain Letter. War Stamp Plan. Send one 25¢ stamp, five names, five copies. US, 1944?


            W A R  S T A M P    P L A N

Buy a x 25¢ Defense Stamp and mail it to the person whose name
appears first on this list.  Make five copies of this letter,
leaving off the first name and adding yours to the bottom.
Mail these five copies to friends you can depend on not to break
the chain.

This chain has been approved by the Postal Authorities as it pro-
motes the sale of War Stamps and Bonds.  Approximately $781.25
will be sent you if this chain is not broken.

If you do not wish to continue this chain, please be patriotic
enough to return this letter to me within five days so that the
chain will not be broken.

Mrs. R. A. Kennedy, 1412 Woodrow St., Shreveport, La.
Miss Macy Nails, 801 Kirby Place, Shreveport, La.
Mr. Herman Owen, Box 1104, Shreveport, La.
Mr. Zack R. Ford, 4916 Birchman, Ft. Worth 7, La Texas
Mr. Glen Crow, 3235 Darien St., Shreveport 65, La.

Typewritten on standard paper. No envelope or date. In with World War II papers. Keystrokes preserved. Ebay lot 732979159 closing Nov. 13, 2002 (did not sell). Photocopy of original provided free by seller, Charles Wommack of Shreveport. Entered by DWV on 11/12/2002.


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