Money chain letter (postcard).  War stamps. Quota five - 25C war stamp. US, 1944

Betty Jean Murden.
Holly, Ore. Iris Canter. Holly
Oregon. Ethel Clendenen
Crawfordsville, Ore. Fern
Pool - Shedd, Oreg. Dorothy
Latimer, Shedd, Oregon.
    Buy a 25c War Stamp &
mali it to name at top
of list. Make 5 copies
and mail to friends. Omit
1st name on list and add
yours to bottom. If this
chain is not broken
you will recieve $781 in
25c War stamps. Chains
are approved by postal
authorities as they
promote sale of stamps.
Please continue within
5 days or return to
name at bottom of list
  Lets Help The Boys

Postal card (UX27). Postmarked in Shedd, Oregon, March 28, 1944.  Addressed to Miss Dorothy Starnes, Langent, Oregon. No return address. Handwritten in blue ink on undivided back, 22 lines. Entered 11/26/2011 by DWV.


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