Money chain letter. War Stamps. Five names. Send one stamp to top name. Send 5 copies.  US, 1943.

       Buy a twenty five cent war stamp and send it to the person
whose name appears on the top of the list and make five copies
of this letter and name list.  Leave off the first name and add
yours to the bottom.  Mail the five copies to five friends whom you
can depend on to keep the chain.  This chain is approved by the
postal authorities ad it promotes the sale of U.S. war stamps and
bonds.  Approximately $78.25 in stamps will be sent to you if this
chain is not broken, if you do not wish to enter this chain please be
patriotic enough to return this letter to the name on the bottom of
the list so this chain will not be broken.

Grace M. Kiting
1335 Fifth St.
San dusky, Ohio

Greeted E. Michael
616 Owen St.
San dusky, OHio

Elizabeth Dress
Box 187

Annabelle Lessentina
Box 713
Lakeside, Ohio

Mrs. Lewis Huffman
291 Walnut Court
Loudonville, Ohio

Faint typing on 8 1/2 by 11 paper. Envelope postmarked in Fort Ord, Calif on March 12, 1943. Return address: Pvt. Wilford L. Frank, ..., Fort Ord, Calif.
Addressed to: Miss Beulah Parrott, Box 43, Lexington, Ohio. Acquisition data lost. Entered by DWV, 1/7/2013.


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