Money chain letter. War Savings Stamp. Send 10 copies w. stamp. Send two stamps to top name. Five names. US, 1943.

                                                                        [25¢ War Savings Stamp affixed at top of letter]

Dear Dewey & Beaulah:
                                                                                                  400 Southern Avenue S. E.
                                                          Washington, D. C.
                                                          January 14, 1943

This is the only time I have ever been a party to a chain letter.  This one was
sent to me by Herbert G. Cooper and it is a different kind of a chain letter.
It requires that I send you a 25¢ War Savings Stamp which is attached for good
luck to you and yours.

I understand that this particular chain letter has the approval of the Government.
The cause is so worthy that I feel sure that you will not break the chain and to
complete it, you will

      A.  Select ten of your reliable friends and send them each a
          25¢ War Savings Stamp.

      B.  Ask that they do likewise to ten of their reliable friends.

      C.  In addition to sending a 25¢ War Savings Stamp to ten of your
          friends, send two (2) 25¢ War Savings Stamps to the name at the
          head of the five name list appearing below.  In making out your
          five name list, please remove the name marked No. 1 and add your
          name as No. 5, moving up each one ahead of yours.  Therefore, your
          name becomes No. 1 in due course and you will receive similar attention.

If you continue this, there will be an astronomical amount of War Savings Stamps
sold and remember, you are in for your share.  Honesty above reproach - let your
conscience be your guard.  Victory is out motto.
                                                   Most respectfully

                                                                                      Paul H. Tucker
                                                                                                             Paul H. Tucker

No. 1  R. A. Moyer                 Box 116,
                                   Conneaut Lake, Pa.

No. 2  F. C. McGrady               1475 Irving Street N. W.,
                                   Washington, D. C.

No. 3  R. D. Evans                 4870 Blagden Avenue N. W.,
                                   Washington, D. C.

No. 4  Herbert G. Cooper           Falkstone Courts,
                                   14th and Fairmont Streets, N. W.
                                   Washington, D. C.

No. 5  Paul H. Tucker              400 Southern Avenue, S. E.
                                   Washington, D. C.

Typed one page letter (photocopy). Italics are signed. Envelope canceled Jan. 14, 1943 in Washington D. C.  Return address printed with logo of Capital View Realty Company, sent by P. Tucker. Addressed to Mr. & Mrs. D. L Hanmer also of Washington D.C.  Keystrokes preserved (sic "be your guard"). Entered by DWV on 1/11/02. From the James H. Patterson "Unmailable" collection.


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