Money chain letter. "Help Win the War." Send 25¢ stamp, four copies. Four names. Canada, 1940.

                    HELP WIN THE WAR
    This is a patriotic chain letter sent out to help the sale

of Canadian War Savings Stamps. By this means, if everyone plays

their part, a very great number of stamps will be sold and a

large amount of money raised for war purposes.

    All you have to do is to purchase a 25-cent War Savings Stamp

and put it in an envelope and mail it to the
first name on the


    Next, make four copies of this letter, leaving off the first

name on the list and adding your own name to the bottom of the

list. Send a copy to each of four friends who you know will carry

on the chain. As your name reaches the top of the list, you will

receive 256 of the 25-cent War Savings Stamps.

    This will greatly stimulate the sale of War Savings Stamps as

the chain spreads to all parts of Canada.


       Mrs. F. G. Jarvis, c/o Bank of Montreal, Ottawa, Ontario.
       L. F. Jarvis, Esq., 405 Elgin Street, Apt.1, Ottawa,Ontario.
       R.F.Jacob, Esq., 405 Elgin Street, Ottawa,Ontario.
       H.L.Heggtveit, Esq., 35 Charles Street, Ottawa,Ontario.


Typed letter on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Envelope postmarked in Ottawa, July 18, 1940. Typed addressed to Jack Barringer, Esq.,
16 Cricket Place, Peterboro, Ontario. Address and town lined out and "Millbrook" written below in pencil. Keystrokes preserved. Ebay lot 5515399441 closing on 8/30/04. Provided by Hills Stamps. Entered by DWV on 9/20/2004.


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