Money Chain Letter. Vacation. "Make four copies ... remit 25c..." No list given. US, 1938.

Dear Member:
   Act quickly and get your vacation money. Make four copies of this letter and mail to reliable friends. Omit the top name, add yours to the bottom and remit 25c to the person whose name was first. When your name reaches the top you should receive 1025 letters with 25c enclosed which would total $256.00. Think of the vacation you could have on that. Speed and honesty will reward you. This is only for vacation hopefuls and is not backed by any money-making ideas. Please forward your copies to reliable persons immediately.

Published: The Amarillo Globe-Times, 5 July 1938, p. 3. Found using With total participation, q copies with n names on a list will produce q^n letters with one's name at the top. Here, this total is probably 1024 which is 4^5, so there were five names on the list. Entered by DWV, 11-28-2013.


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