Pyramid Scheme, India - The Money Circulating Company.  Send one rupee three times.  Six names.  Four copies. India, 1937? 

                                                  FORBIDDEN TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF H. M. FORCES  
    GOVERNMENT.  No. 2883
For Members Only
  The Money Circulating Company.
POST BOX No. 3532

Rules and Regulations.

AIM & OBJECT:-  The aim and object of the Company will to afford free circulation of the money Cycle amongst the public by means of an unique scheme detailed below. It is new but at the same time simple, sure and safe. It is neither lottery, nor game of chance or gamble, but this is purely based on mathematical calculations and ensures substantial help in a bonus cycle by distribution.
BENEFIT:- By enrolling yourself as a member in compliance with the rules detailed below, you stand to gain to the extent of Rupees 4,164/-.
THE SCHEME:- These are days of stress and strain, but this is a scheme to enable you to overcome the difficulties of the present and save for the future.  It is a sure source of ready cash both to needy and the affluent. It is a veritable gold mine which you can share if you hurry up. The (cordial) quicker you join, the better will be the result.
HOW TO PROCEED:- Everyone willing to be enrolled has to remit one rupee each by Money order to three persons (already members), Nos. 1, 4 and 6 respectively mentioned in the cycle form, through the post office nearest to the remitter. The remitter should write his name on the Money order form, as below:-

       "(Name) ________________________________________________ (Member no.) __________________________
                                       C/o MONEY CIRCULATING COMPANY.
                                                         BOMBAY, 4.

      Having done this, the cycle form should be filled in block letters with holder or on typewriter giving full name and address and forwarded to the company's office together with receipts of the Money orders (annas ten only also to be remitted to company by Money order or Postal order (to get the form earlier send Postal order) as membership fee 0-4-0 and cycle expenses 0-6-0 etc.) On the Money Order coupon, please State your Number, Name & address etc. You can send membership fees of more than one member together, but you cannot send money orders to Nos. 1, 4, & 6 together.
      N. B. Currency notes & coins should not be sent.
      On receipt of  Money order receipts and the membership form, dully filled the company will enter your name against No. 6 ( automatically changing the number of every member on the List) and forward to you by post four cycle forms on receipt of the payee's signature through the post office. These forms will have to repeat the same as you had received the first.
     After your enrolment, you are entitled to receive a sum rupees four after the very first distribution of the four forms. Again when your name automatically goes in the fourth place of the cycle you will receive Rs. 64/- and finally when it goes in the first place, you will receive Rs. 4,096/- and so a total amount of Rs,. 4,164/- (four thousand one hundred and sixty four rupees) by the continuity of the cycle.
     No one should block the cycle. If unable to enrol four members, then should see upper members and ask their help for the benefit of you and theirs.
     Company has power to change its terms & regulations.
     Money order receipt must be Separate of one rupee each.
     Every enquiry should accompany 2 anna postage stamps, quoting your membership number, with Date.
Do not loose form. Duplicate can not be issued.

                                    "HELP YOURSELF YOUR DEAR ONES AND KEEP THE CYCLE GOING."

********************************************* [Begin Page Two]****************************************************

                                                             FORBIDDEN TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF H. M. FORCES        
                                 For Members Only.  Don't lose this form. Duplicates not issued.  Govt. Regd. No. 2883
                                           THE MONEY CIRCULATING COMPANY.                                            
                                                                BOMBAY NO. 4  P. B. NO 3532                                                  
M. R. 
F. R.                                                                                                                                                                                              
            Cy F

                                                                                 C Y C L E.                                                                           Ch.

Member No.  C/G   4969             L. No. C/G  4693              Book No.                Date                     Ent.
> 1.    D 8315                  
Name     M. Ar.  V. N. Nachiappa Chettiar, K. Muthupattanam
          8-667                     Address  Karaikuadi, Ramnad  dist.
   2.     I 7459                Name     N. Alagammai  Achi, wife of M. Ar. V. N. . Nachiappa
                                       Address  Chettiar, K. Muthupattnam, Karaikudi.

   3.     690                       Name     S. Narayanan, Income Tax Practitioner.
           L 6236                 Address  Muthupattanam, Karaikudi.
 >4.   BK 815                  Name     S.S.S. Subramanian Chettiar,
         64                         Address   Ramnad district  S. I. Devakottai.

   5.  181                         Name     Rm. Srinivasa Iyengar, clerk of S. S. S. Subra-
        BZ 2930                 Address   manian Chettiar, Devakottai, Ramnad Dt.

>6.  CE 4464                  Name    K. Pichai Mohideen Prop. of Igpal Rice
                                     Address  Mill, Devakottai, Ramnad dist, S. I.

N.  B.-- For your own reference keep a note of the 4 forms distributed by yourself.
[Hindi? characters]  Don't cutt the form.                                                                                 (To be filled up by the members only.)
                                             To MONEY CIRCULATING COMPANY, BOMBAY 4.
   In compliance with the procedure I have gone througt the rules of membership of your Company and fully agree with the same. I agree to send Rs. 3- by money orders for one rupee each to nos. 1, 4, and 6 respectively, as mentioned above in the cycle, as well as I agree to get the forms filled up by distribution, and see its continuity. Please favour me with forms duly endorsed. I am remitting annas ten ( annas four as membership fee and annas six as regards expenses of cycle etc.) by Money order, and have filled in the M. O. Coupon my name address & member Number.

       Name & Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________________
        (in block letters)
x      No.  C/G      4963

                         PLEASE WRITE HERE.   Enclosed M. O. R. No.                                                     of No. 1-4-6
                                                                           I.  P.  O.  No.                            
                               Co's fee sent though              M. O.
                                                              [END OF DOCUMENT]

Size 8 3/4 by 7 5/8 inches. Purchased on eBay, 3/2015. No letter nor accompanying information. Seller states "1930's" as date - DWV guesses 1937. Printing on both sides of toned paper. Red text is my comments - not in source. For images of both sides see:
Names, addresses and "Code" on page two are typed, the rest is printed except for the number "4963" which is stamped in three places on page two. Format is imitated here, but lines are longer here There is vertical printing on the left margin of page two which reads: "Please Compare all the names with your form coupon sent here with". Sic "dully" for "duly", "enrol" for "enroll", "enrolment", "cutt" for "cut", "throught" for "through". Spaces have been supplied in the names to facilitate searching. In the names list, a greater than sign (">") has been used for a pointing finger in the source document. Entered by DWV on March 30, 2015.

Supplied by: Bindu Lama;  A-201 Seagull, Rizvi Complex; Sherly Razan Rd Bandra (W); Mumbai-400-050 India


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