Money scheme. Pyramid membership - Lake San Cristobal Club Resort. Send 25¢, quota 5, six tiers. Description only.  US, 1937.
The new "chain letter" purports to be a mutual benefit organization selling memberships in "Lake San Cristobal Club Resort, Inc." Lake San Cristobal is located in the heart of the Rockies, in Hinsdale County, Colo. It covers an area four miles long and a mile wide, according to the membership application blank received in Pampa Saturday.

The membership application admonishes the new member to obtain five more new members. Each pays a quarter that goes into the "home office" fund and benefit checks are to be mailed out to each new member on the basis of other new members obtained. The membership list of six on each blank is worked so that the name move up in old chain letter fashion and when your name becomes No. 6 on the list you are then entitled to your first benefit check. The central office retains 10 percent for its trouble in handling the deal.
  The application blank sets forth that it is entirely possible for the member to receive benefits totaling $1,562.50 in short order providing all the new members get out and fulfill the requirements of obtaining other new members.
   Headquarters of the new Lake San Cristobal chain membership organization, according to the application blank, are at 307 Union National Bank Bldg. in Denver.

Published: Pampa Daily News (Pampa, Texas), March 7, 2014, p. 1. CHAIN LETTER ON LAKE IDEA READ HERE. "The chain letter is 'in again' - this time, all dressed up in new attire, and it has made its appearance in Pampa. ¶ It comes form Denver where  two years ago was born another form of chain letter that spread over the nation like wildfire, making for its Colorado originators a pretty penny until Uncle Sam stepped in and put a stop to the practice. [text]  Entered by DWV, Aug. 12, 2014, p. 1.  


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