Money chain letter (published). Send-a-Dime. Major rewrites. US, 1935.

Prosperity Club. In God We Trust.

This chain we started to bring prosperity to many people. It is simple. Make five copies of this letter and mail them to five trusted friends you can trust to not break the chain. Be careful! Choose friends who can be trusted. Send 10¢ to the top name. Add yours at the bottom.

The chain must remain unbroken through six operative stages! When you remove the top name and add yours to the bottom of the list, your name will climb to the top; and you will receive much prosperity. To understand just how it works, on the sixth operation, you should, by the multiplication of five, eventually receive donations of dimes amounting to $1562.50. Have faith! It works!

From "Chain Letter Madness," by Esther Norman, Good Old Days, March, 1977 (Tower Press Inc.). "The best kind, the experts decided, were the ones that would "scare" the ones who received the letters into complying with keeping the chain unbroken. Here are some copies of actual letters found among some mementos." Says she and friends often complied out of fear, but eventually got so many that they were discarded. Mentions also: handkerchief exchange, tea-towel exchange, 25¢ money letter. See also me1936uu_sd-badluck_q5.


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