Chain letter telegraph (published). Sponsored by Western Union. US, 1935.

Send $2 Western Union top name. Omit first name, add yours. Sell two copies to good prospects only. Show receipt for money order sent. Bring customers to office to certify transaction.

New York Times. "Chain Telegrams in $3,600,000 Suit." June 20,  1935, p. 15, col. 2. See also June 21.  William F. Zwirmer, as a "common informer,"  sues Western Union - cites above text as provided on forms by Western Union office in Camden. Says Western Union accepted 1,800 chain telegrams between June 7 and 15 at Camden Office. Company accepted list of six names and $2.51: $2 to top name and 51c for printing, typing and transmitting or relaying the list. Promise of $128. Zwirmer sued for half the penalty assessed against the company, under the Gambling Act of 1877.


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