Money chain letter (published). Send-a-Dime. Some rewriting (e.g. "a dime in coin"). US, 1935.

In God We Trust - Faith, Hope, Charity

[Name and address]
     "      "        "
     "      "        "
     "      "        "
    "       "        "
    "      "         "

Within five days after you receive this letter make five copies of it, and send them to five of your friends to whom you wish Prosperity to come. To the person whose names appears first on the list above, send a dime in coin, carefully wrapped, and remove his name from the list in the letter you send your five friends. Add your name to the list, placing it at the bottom. As your name leaves the top of the list, you will receive 15,625 letters with donations of $1,562.50 if the chain is not broken.
Have the faith your friends had in you when this letter was sent you, and send out the five letters, and the chain will not be broken.

From Liberty, July 20, 1935, "Chain Letter Madness," by Donald Wickets (aka George Sylvester Viereck). Six fictional names and addresses are given below the title and subtitle. His italics in last paragraph.


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