Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime. Return if no play. New York, 1935.

                           PROSPERITY CLUB
                           IN GOD WE TRUST

M. Kleinegris            112 East 116 Street         New York, N. Y.
A. T. Walsh              323 East 200 Street         New York, N. Y.
K. Shannon               2222 Third Avenue           New York, N. Y.
K. Berlew                301 East 38 Street          New York, N. Y.
John B. Brennan          155 East 121 Street         New York, N. Y.
Chas. A. Phildius        124 Java Street             Brooklyn, N. Y.

Omit top name. Send that person 10¢ as a charity donation and in time
as your name leaves the top, if chain is not broken, you will receive
15,625 letters with donations amounting to $1,562.50. Is this worth
a dime? Try it.

Have faith as your friend did and chain will not be broken.

               HOPE               FAITH            CHARITY

This chain was started in hope of bringing Prosperity to you. Within
the next six days make five copies of this letter, leaving off the top
name of adding yours at the bottom of the list, and mail to five of your
friends to whom you wish prosperity to come.

If you cannot continue this chain, please return this letter to the
last name on the list, so that it will not be broken.

Carbon copy on yellowed paper; 11.5 by 5.7 inch. Exact format.  Received anonymously in response to classified ad in Paper Collectors Monthly. Said to have been found in Albany, NY in 1995.


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