Money chain letter (published). Send-a-dime. "...mail or give it to five friends."  US, 1935.

Prosperity Club - In God We Trust

Name and address
  "   "    "
  "   "    "
  "   "    "
  "   "    "
  "   "    "

This chain was started in hopes of bringing you
prosperity. Within three days make five copies of this
letter, leaving off the top name and adding yours to
the bottom, and mail or give it to five friends.
In omitting the top name send that person 10 cents.
In turn, as your name leaves the top, you will receive
15,625 letters with donations amounting to $1,562.50.
Now is this worth 10 cents to you? Have the faith your
friend had, and this chain won't be broken.

Article in The New Republic, May 22, 1935. "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime". Says following is typical "send-a-dime" letter. Incorrectly says there is a list of five names and addresses; also questionable that there is no "Faith-Hope-Charity." Arrangement of title and subtitle not given.


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