Money chain letter. Send-a-dime. Targeted distribution. "Read this." From the Bergrud hoard. US, 1935.

      Prosperity club.

George Broken, 630 San Benito Ave Las Gatos Calif.
Ralph Dunham, 335 So. 13th St San Jose Calif.
George Severtson, Hamberg, N. Dak.
Clarence Simonson, Hamberg N. Dak.
Harley Vinnard, Maddock, N. Dak.
Curtis Bergrud, Maddock N. Dak.

      Read this carefully and enjoy prosperity.
Within three days make five copies
of this letter. Leaving off the top
Name and address, and adding your
name add address to the bottom
of the above list. Mail or present to five
of your friends.

                 In omitting the name, mail
that person ten cents. (10¢).

          When your name advances to the
top of the list, there will be a distribution
of 15,675 Letters.

     If all members follow instructions,
implicitly you will recieve for your
letter $1567.50 in 18 days.

          Is this worth a dime to you?
Be sure and pick out five Friends
that will continue this letter.

Hand written in black ink on 8 by 10.5 inch ruled paper with two double punches in left margin. No envelope. Likely from 1935-05 as others in a lot. Supplied by Russ Hornbacher of Fessenden, ND. Lines preserved here. Archived by D. W. VanArsdale.

This is one of eight chain letters sent to Miss Elma Burgrud in Heimdal, ND in 1935, the "Bergrud hoard."  These are designated by the letters "br" immediately after the date in the archive file name.


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