Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime. Return request.  US, 1935.

                   Prosperity Club                   
                   "In God We Trust"

Maude Cochran  2360 Park Ave. Indianapolis, Ind.
Betty Soehren 3351 Washington Blvd, Indianapolis, "

Mrs. Harry Whomes  R.R.2  Zionsville, Ind.
Rosalind Whomes  R.R.2  Zionsville, Ind.
Marthena Sprong R.R. 2 Zionsville Ind.
Marth Bush  R.R. 6 Lebanon, Ind.

Faith             Hope                 Charity

This chain and letter was
started in hope of bringing pros-
perity to you.

Within three days make five
copies of this letter, leaving off
the top name and address
and adding your name and
address at the bottom, and
mail to five of your friends
to whom you wish prosperity
to come.

In omitting the top name,
send that person ten cents
(10c) wrapped in paper as
a charity donation.

In turn, as your name leaves
the top of the list, you will
receive 15,625 letters with don-
ations amounting to $15,625.50

............ second page ...............

Now, isn't that worth a dime
to you?

Have the faith your friend
has and the chain will
not be broken.
       Watch the dimes roll in.

Note: If you are unwilling to
carry out this work, please
return this letter to the last
person on this list so the
chain will not be broken.
    Let's go America
      Increase employment.

Handwritten in blue ink on both sides of a sheet of  9 1/2 x 6 inch ruled paper. Postmarked in Lebanon, Ind. on My 23, 1935. Addressed to Charles W. Bush, Lebanon, Indiana, R.R. #6. Return address: Marth Bush, Lebanon, Indiana, R. R. #6. Lines preserved above. Acquisition data lost. Entered by DWV on 1/6/2013.


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